Reviewing my DJ Equipment

On this week’s DJ2CombatStress Blog, DJ Climpo discusses his current DJ equipment set up and what he’s learnt so far.

So when I started looking at this challenge, I set aside about £1000 to buy the initial equipment I would need. My mindset was to buy the best quality I could afford but also realised at some point I may need better technology so don’t just spend money for the sake of it.


Having spent 2 months copying around 1000 CDs onto digital format I was certainly going for a controller. But which one? Having carried out a lot of research, it came down to software. Do I go with a Serato controller that only provides limited software that I have to pay to upgrade? Or do I go with Rekordbox as all the software is included, but I’m tied to Pioneer?

I decided to go with Rekordbox which so far has been an excellent choice and is great for a beginner.

With regards to the type of controller, I went with the DDJ-RB at only £209. While I did have my eyes on the RX2, my budget and expertise wasn’t going to stretch this far. It was the right choice; it’s basically plug and play with it’s own sound card and all the leads, you need no more. It’s lightweight but sturdy and doesn’t take up too much room to store if you have limited space.


Now this was the tricky one. By default I’ve always been a Windows user for PCs and an android user for my phones; I’ve even recently loved getting into using a £140 Chromebook. But all of the evidence was pointing towards Apple.

My decision came down to the MacBook Pro or Air. One was within budget and the other would blow my budget apart. The Air had many more ports as my drives are all USB, but the Pro has a much better screen and a more powerful processor needed for Rekordbox.

Luckily I was given a discount card for PC World so decided it was more important to future proof my laptop and went for the Pro 13″ which I got for £1089.

Whilst it’s put a huge dent on my savings and has taken time to get used to, it’s great. Lightweight, very stylish and plenty of power to run Rekordbox, some downloads and YouTube for DJ tutorials. The only downside is that it comes with 2 USB-C ports, one of which is the power supply so straight away you need an adaptor (Amazon £20, Apple £40-60).


With no more budget remaining I’m using my old set of Sennheiser Momentum headphones. The good thing about these is that the sound is actually very crisp and have so far found them much for useful when listening to a transition than through a laptop speaker. So for now the quality is spot on for mixing at home but I’m not sure about how functional they would be mixing live.


Again with no budget left, I’m using what I’ve got already. So my fantastic and very trusty Bose Mini Soundlink 2 has become part of my set up. I can link via cable to the Pioneer controller or through Bluetooth to the MacBook Pro. Whilst it will never be enough for a large party, it’s outstanding sound is definitely enough to deafen my other half and be perfect for listening back to my mixes.


Well I think it’s down to my listeners to give their opinion as to the end result of this equipment. My view is that I’ve got the right stuff to last me the next 6 months while I learn and then depending on which performances that come up, I may need to upgrade certain components.

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