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My Story

Going to Afghanistan in 2010, having trained for war since I was 16, it was due to be the pinnacle of my life…..and what a fantastic experience it was.

The reality is that you shut off all your emotions. You become impervious to feelings altogether; endless funerals, injuries to your colleagues, threats to your life or issues back at home with your family. You compartmentalise any feelings so that you can continue operating at your best.

When I returned home, things weren’t the same. Nothing else mattered, basic life and relationships were insignificant and I was lost without the empowering purpose of serving my country.

Fast forward 4 years, and I am filling my life with everything possible to plug the void, but it is all piling up and the stress becomes a constant that fuels you. Things start slipping and the anxiety around keeping everything going becomes worse. Cracks start to show, your fuse becomes shorter, much shorter and it is easy to become angry as it is your brains only way to release all of the negative emotions.

Most people might feel sad if they felt their world was falling apart, but when you haven’t become reacquainted with your full range of emotions, anxiousness and anger is all you know.

I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to start. Luckily having found the strength to reach out, I was able to find some options that changed my life….the first step for me was just talking……

Having decided to leave the Army in 2015, I still continued to search for my purpose and found it in helping other people to be the best versions of themselves, having coached in athletics I discovered that I could help people through coaching in the commercial world. It is amazing to be able to help other people overcome their challenges on a daily basis and seeing their own light-bulb moments is the most rewarding feeling ever.

My longing to do more has led me to the start of the next chapter in my's time to do something outstanding!


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