DJ2CombatStress Mix 5

DJ2CombatStress Mix 5 – Combatting Stress

So this year has been a busy one for my wife and I so we took a well deserved break to Norfolk for the week. As a way of combatting stress we like to head down to the beach with some fresh air, beautiful views and a much more relaxed atmosphere.

We had a fantastic time walking our dog, my wife took plenty of photographs and started planning her craft business. For me it was an opportunity to get into a creative frame of mind. Rather than the standard beat-matching and mixing in key, that I had learned thus far I thought it was time to mix a little more experimentally.


For a bit of inspiration I listened to one of my first mixes (that wasn’t released). It really proved how far I have come as a DJ within 2 months. Whilst I loved the track selection there were many mistakes, song being forced into one another, out of key and bumpy transitions.

I sat down and re-worked the play list to ensure the flow was better and the tracks were in key; but rather than being really precise as I had been in the past I just let it go. I have come out with some interesting transitions as well as killing a great Andy C track in the middle!

What was great was that I didn’t rush the process as I wasn’t pushed for time and this meant that I really enjoyed playing about and creating this mix. Sometimes I put pressure on myself and that is absolutely the wrong mindset to adopt when being creative.

As always I love to hear your feedback and comments on the mix. I hope you enjoy listening to it and over the next week I want you to think about where is that special place for you to go to where you can be free, unwind and let the creative juices flow.