DJ2CombatStress Mix #17 – New Starts

Welcome to this weeks DJ2CombatStress Blog where I’ll be looking at New Starts

New Starts

Mix #17

When I first started to learn to DJ, I ripped my entire collection of CDs to my hard drive. Whilst I invested money in a Macbook and Controller, I thought I could get by with the music I already had. And mostly I have done this across my first 16 mixes.

But I recently began to realise that due to the nature of most of my music being compilations, when you take the music across to Rekordbox a lot of tracks don’t work or you end up cutting half of them out. So in the spirit of New Starts I thought it was about time I got into Beatport and downloaded some clean tracks, untouched by other DJs.

Boy I found a lot of material and I spent many hours going through trying to find some quality tracks. A big learning was that you could end up spending a heck of a lot of money and it being quite addictive!

Luckily for me a new years discount code and some unmixed compilations have saved me a few quid and stocked up my library for a few more weeks. I also scoured the internet for some unsigned artists who share their music for free and hopefully my mixes will help to showcase their music in the future.

So listen back and enjoy the all new and improved DJ2CombatStress Electro House mix featuring a whole host of new tracks and I hope you all agree the transitions are a huge improvement on my early work!

DJ Climpo


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