DJ2CombatStress Mix #16 – Deadmau5 special

Hello and welcome to this week’s DJ2CombatStress Blog and special Deadmau5 Mix.

Time to move on

It’s been a hectic few years and whilst I understand the world is not a tranquil place, it feels like I’ve had to deal with anything and everything recently. Whilst it has taken a lot out of me, I’m still standing….just! What I have realised though is that there are times when you have to cut the negativity out of your life no matter how hard you have tried to turn it around. Two weeks ago I cut out probably the most negative aspect of my life. I expected to fell elated, but actually, after the initial action, I didn’t really feel anything. As things have sunk in since, I have begun to realise quite how much this part of my life has subconsciously been affecting me for years. My sleep has improved, I’m challenging myself and the way I behave and really beginning to re-define who I am.

Whilst this has been a tough call, it was also the right one!

Deadmau5 Mix

This week, I read that Deadmau5 has been confirmed as one of the headliners for Creamfields 2019. I saw Deadmau5 alongside Paul Van Dyk at Nature One festival in Koblenz, Germany back in 2009 which was early on in my festival journey. I had never seen or heard him perform before and I was amazed; whilst the structure of his music seemed basic at first, it slowly built up and a few hundred thousand ravers erupted. I was fixed and I have enjoyed listening to and now mixing his music ever since.

Deadmau5 DJ Climpo

I’ve decided to stay away from his most famous tracks and instead attempted to take you on a journey of some of his other tracks I love. Sit back, relax and get ready for your speakers to be blown off!

DJ Climpo


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