DJ2CombatStress Mix #13 – Rushed

Welcome to this week’s DJ2CombatStress Blog where I’ll be looking at the problems of feeling rushed along with my latest Deep House mix.


The last two weeks have felt full on; work, play getting ready for holiday….it all seemed endless and left me feeling quite worn out by the end of it and felt rushed throughout it.

Do you feel Rushed by time?

I was recently reading a great article about people who have a greater sense of time orientation:

Excessive time-urgency is a classic component of Type-A behaviour. People who are overly time-oriented have a greater risk of cardiovascular and other health problems than more patient individuals. Excessive time-urgency is not conducive to effective stressmastery, since one is constantly keeping one’s body at high anxiety and stress levels.

Individuals who perceive life in a time-urgent way tend to engage in self-defeating behaviours and thoughts. Such as being excessively worried about schedules, keeping overly tight deadlines, rushing when rushing is not necessary, doing several activities at the same time, and not taking the time to really enjoy work or play.

Hurry Sickness

Often called “hurry sickness,” excessive time-urgency means being tied to the clock and trying to do too many things at once. By doing things too fast or doing too much at one time, you reduce your effectiveness. If possible, recognize that working too fast can result in errors and lower quality work. Remember the adage: “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” It’s usually true.

Pushing yourself to always meet the deadline, to constantly be on time, even when being on time is not necessary. This places tremendous stress on your mind and body. Time-oriented people often have a fear of being rejected or not being accepted for who they are. As with perfectionism, letting go is key to your success. If you cannot meet the deadline, let go and do your best.

Time-oriented people live in the future and not in the present. They seldom notice the roses along the path of life, since their eyes are always on the goal. Consequently, they put themselves under great stress. It is not incompatible to be goal-oriented and have a proper sense of time. Balance is key.

Time-oriented people cover their anxiety with a flurry of activity. When they stop what they are doing, they feel guilty and, consequently, begin the vicious cycle all over again.

Helping with your StressMastery

So if you have felt Rushed and a little to oriented around time this week, I’ve put together a great stress busting mix! Happy listening

DJ Climpo

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