DJ2CombatStress Blog #25 – Fundraising

Welcome to this week’s Dj2CombatStress blog where I will be looking back at our fundraising efforts over the last month.

Combat Stress Fundraising

Having had a great time in Ibiza and a lot of effort crafting my DJ skills, it was time to put this to good use and carry out some fundraising activities. I started reaching out to my DJ and event contacts to help start bringing some money in!

Bedford Armed Forces Day

AFD Bedford

I was invited along to perform at the Armed Forces Day 2019 event and parade in Bedford. Assembling a team of Ninja DJs, we set up in the middle of town and played for 7 hours straight, fundraising a total of £150 in the process. Many thanks to DJs Leo Lyonel, Sara Reilly and Charlie H for performing, along with the people of Bedford for their kind donations.

Kent Wellness Festival – Fundraising

We had been planning this event for most of the year expecting around 5000 people to descend upon the Kent Showground. I brought along fellow DJs Sara Reilly and John Wilding, coupled with purchasing a DJ booth, lighting rig, tables and hired a Silent Disco. Unfortunately the show was very quiet and the fundraising what not at the level we planned for – still many thanks to the DJs and for the donations we received.

Live Lounge After Dark

I was invited along to the Live Lounge event at Wycombe Arts Centre, and took Leo Lyonel and Radini along to complete the line up. Buckets were prepared to go on the bar for some change from willing punters. However for the second event in a row, we were let down by numbers and only raised a small amount.

Whilst I’ve always had the attitude of say yes to everything….I will in future be carrying out a lot more checks before travelling across the country!

Snap Fitness Summer Launch Party

I was once again invited along to launch the new programme of fitness classes for Snap Fitness in Frimley. Another great reception and some very kind donations!

motiRAVEtion Launch Party

A group of us that got friendly in Ibiza, put together a launch party for my new motiRAVEtion brand and ran an event at Unit Nine MK. Many thanks to the bouncers for getting the punters to dig deep for some more donations.

Overall this has been a great couple of months! Whilst there have been some personal disappointments, we’ve played at loads of events and are now up to £311 worth of fundraising donations. Still a long way to go to meet our target!

DJ Climpo