DJ2CombatStress Blog #23 – Going Live

Going Live

Hello and welcome to the latest DJ2CombatStress Blog where I look at how I have found Going Live….times flown by since the last edition and don’t you think sometimes that can happen in your mind when things are going well?

PRL Takeover @ Fever & Boutique Lincoln

PRL Takeover

So the DJing has progressed, quite dramatically! I was lucky enough to have my debut set at the Platinum Radio London Event in Lincoln in April. Although it was a fairly quiet night, it meant that there was little pressure. There was time for a sound check to make sure I was familiar with the equipment and had a few DJs on before me so I could gauge the crowd. A few (but not too many) beers to calm my nerves and then I was live. Bar cueing the wrong deck and killing the track (awful mistake!) it went really well and I thoroughly loved it. Top tips I learnt that night, firstly bring a bag of tricks – headphone jack adaptors, spares of everything as equipment can be missing or broken. Secondly, DJ equipment is expensive and therefor many bars have older or not fully functioning equipment; this has meant that I have had to alter my playlists so that I can work them irrespective of the standard of Decks I’m using!

PRL Takeover DJ Climpo Debut

House Party Events – The Boat Party

House Part Events

I have also had the amazing opportunity to DJ for House Party Events at one of their boat parties on the river Thames, in support of house music legends X-Press 2.

DJ Climpo Boat Party Set

This time, there was little support or time to set up, the boat docked and the event organiser wanted music on straight away. It was the DJ before me’s first event and she was nervous (plus her headphones failed) so I have to offer some assistance to get her going. I then had the unfortunate situation of the event organiser changing the style of music they wanted so I had to play off someone else’s playlist. This was not easy at such short notice, but I was really proud that I pulled off a credible performance under difficult circumstances. Lessons learnt from this experience, don’t just had a few playlists on your sticks, take them all! Secondly turn up with a flexible mindset, what you don’t get taught is how much can change and go wrong on the day, so don’t be too fixed of thought!

Ibiza Tour

House Party Ibiza

Next up and the highlight of the year is the tour to Ibiza; so far I’ve got confirmed sets at Ibiza Rocks Bar and the legendary Jet Pool party. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of and it’s only a week away!!

Hope you have a great week and enjoy last week’s Drum & Bass Classics set I presented live for PRL last week. Remember you can do anything you put your mind towards positively!