DJ2CombatStress Blog #21 – Presence

Welcome to this week’s DJ2CombatStress Blog where DJ Climpo will be talking about Presence


A definition of Presence is “the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present” and this week it is something that I have been exploring within myself

Vocal Coaching

One of the main pieces of feedback so far on my radio shows (and I’m the biggest critic) is that I have stuttered, stumbled and mostly come across as very unenthusiastic when broadcasting. As someone that speaks with people for a living, I found talking to the microphone quite alien.

Wycombe Sound

So to help I’ve employed the help of a vocal coach at Wycombe Sound FM. Quite bizarrely the main problem I was having was my breathing. So following some method acting and new breathing exercises, I’ve gained a new level of confidence in speaking and hopefully this is apparent on this week’s show.

But there was more to it than this, one of my challenges was around presence; being present in the moment, letting this flood in and choosing the right mental state to present on radio….something I will need to keep developing!

How present are you? Does your mind wander off and think of other things? How will you ensure you are always present when you want to be?

Craft Beer Rising Festival

At the end of February, we were invited along to the CBR beer festival in Brick Lane by the amazing Castle Rock Brewery who have a fantastic array of craft beers and lagers.

Castle Rock Brewery

We also managed to get a fix for our Gin craving, by finding the Cock & Tail, who wanted us to do some marketing for them in exchange for some great cocktails!

The Cock & Tail


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1 thought on “DJ2CombatStress Blog #21 – Presence”

  1. Fantastic what you are doing and why you are doing it. Big ups.

    I also know about the darker side of life and how much music can help. I started with musicproduction when i was 38 with zero knowledge, just because i love music and wanted to go through this challenge. After three years i can say now i am a better balanced human being.

    Let music work for your soul and you will get where you wanna be.

    Biggest respect from an austrian brother in mind

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