DJ2CombatStress Blog #20 – Radio DJ

Welcome to this week’s DJ2CombatStress Blog, where I will be reflecting on my first flurry into being a radio DJ and have some more great news to announce.

Radio DJ

Radio DJ

The last 2 weeks has seen me take on my first experience being a radio DJ! Having added to my technical collection of gadgets, it is actually quite easy to be able to broadcast from your home as long as you have power and a solid internet connection.

And oh boy did I panic! I was so focussed on getting the technical side of things working, that I completely forgot how to mix, never mind engaging people listening in an an emotionally responsive way. It’s a lot harder than you think especially as you then have a text line and WhatsApp going in the background too.

So after I beat myself up about not being very good, I realised I needed to break things down. Technical – Mixing – Speaking. Got the technical side sorted now, the mixing is continuing to improve and starting work with a voice coach in the next few weeks to sort that problem out.

Hopefully you will enjoy my latest two mixes above, which are vast improvements. Top tips for myself – prepare well, practise lots and grow in confidence!

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The Kent Wellness Festival

The Kent Wellness festival is a celebration of all aspects of the wellness industry: fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, spirituality and self improvement. It will be held at the Kent Event Centre on 13 & 14 July.

Mixing the old with the new, we are creating an event for like-minded individuals to come together to improve and enhance all aspects of their own wellbeing, self improvement, self exploration and self empowerment.

We aim to inspire, educate, challenge, innovate, support, enrich and empower through workshops, talks, practical classes, readings and treatments.

Radio DJ

To support our efforts to raise money for Combat Stress the DJ2CombatStress Team have been invited along and we are excited to be launching motiRAVEtion – our own take on silent discos and clean raving. All proceeds will be going to charity to get yourself down there and try out this new experience!

For more information about motiRAVEtion, click the link below