DJ2CombatStress Blog #19

Welcome to this week’s DJ2CombatStress Blog where DJ Climpo has some big news!

What a difference a few weeks makes! Apologies for there being a delay in the blog…I’ve been working hard on some great opportunities and I’ve got some big news!

big news

Soundflow Music Academy

I’ve completed my first 3 Pro-DJ sessions with Soundflow. It’s been hard work but so rewarding. What it has proven to me is that actually I’ve taught myself a lot in 6 months, but I’ve picked up some bad habits along the way. It feels like I’ve gone back to square one again, but this time I’m building back up in the right way.

The most exciting part of this is that Soundflow are running a week in Ibiza in June and I’ve been invited along. This is a dream of mine and I can’t wait to get the confirmation that I’ll be performing!


Platinum Radio London

big news

The second bit of big news is that I’ve only gone and landed myself a radio show! This was not something in the plan at the start and I’ve found it to be a great opportunity to spread the word and get DJ2CombatStress known to the masses!

I’ve had to upgrade some equipment and my wife isn’t overjoyed that there is an ever increasing music studio in the spare room. Full of nerves and over occupied by the technical aspects, I managed to get myself through my first ever live broadcast. All I can say is that it takes a heck of a lot more concentration that I expected; I was so drained afterwards.

But I got the buzz and performed a house set two days later which I was much more comfortable with. Lots of improvement to come!

Join me each Wednesday from 5pm GMT where I will take you on a journey through D&B.


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