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Welcome to the official home of DJ Climpo. Here you can find out information about my journey through music; listen to my radio shows, get latest updates about live performances / events, as well as my charitable efforts to support those suffering with mental illness.



Forthcoming Releases

Captum Records brings you the huge debut album from breakthrough producer ClimpoThe Darker Skies will take you on a personal journey through a battle with mental health to the point where all hope is lost. Climpo’s dark - electro - grimey style of neuro-funk will help you walk in the complexities of his mind. The question is, will he ever find his inner peace?

“It’s been an amazing experience over the last year learning to produce and I’ve been delighted that 4 of the tracks have smashed their way into the Hypeddit dnb chart top 10! I can’t wait to take people through my journey and provide them an insight into the crazy way I think!”

The Darker Skies is released in line with Climpo’s charity campaign DJ2CombatStress, supporting war veterans suffering with PTSD. All album sales will be donated to charities Combat Stress and PTSD Resolution.

The Darker Skies

Darker SKies

Listen in to Climpo's latest shows

Listen in to Climpo's latest tracks

The Darker Skies Radio Show

Join Climpo for only the biggest D&B every Monday 10pm - midnight on In2Beats 106.5FM

Darker Skies


Want to help?

Donate to PTSD Resolution

Want to help?

Donate to Combat Stress